CleverPuffin - BitCoin Friendly Web Hosting

Here at CleverPuffin we endeaver to suit all of your hosting needs. Want more subdomains or databases? No problem! You can create a fully custom hosting package using our Package Creator.

We take pride in the fact we only support BitCoin and LiteCoin. And not only that, we pride ourselves on our instant setup! Once we've received the full payment for whatever billing term you've chosen - your account will be created and a welcome email with further instructions will be in your inbox.

Didn't get the email? Errors with payment? Just email us at and we'll sort everything out with you.

Cloud Hosting

All of our web hosting packages are in the cloud. With our cloud hosting, you can be safe in the knowledge that if one of our servers fail, your content will still be being served from another seamlessly.

Our Servers

Our web hosting platform uses only the best Dell servers. Our server infrastructure includes failsafes so that in the event of one server failing, another server immediately comes online and handles the work of the failed server. This failsafe server retains all of the configuration parameters of the failed server.

On top of this, all of your site's files, databases, emails etc, are stored and synchronised onto two disk arrays. In the event of the primary array failing, the secondary array will continue to serve with no downtime.

Our Server Specifications